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A Glitch Makes FIFA 18 Players in Switch Have No Face


The arrival of FIFA 18 to Nintendo Switch is giving much to speak and in many cases in a not very positive way. Last week we were hearing about the bad news that we will not be able to play with friends online title of the console in Nintendo, today we have been able to verify the rumor that the players appear without face.

This glitch has been found in Quick Match game mode and does not seem to affect the other modes (though we have not checked it yet). It should be added that the error occurs in case we have activated the "live form" mode. As you can see in various videos uploaded to Youtube, some players go to the field without their face, which is replaced by a series of green and blue squares (which is the initial face recognition model in the creation of a game). The error not only appears in the introductory kinematics but once the referee pays the start of the game, players continue to appear without a face.

Something that a colleague of our team comments, is that this situation seems familiar, because something similar happened in the games of Smackdown Vs Raw, where our player sometimes appeared with deformed faces or giant heads.

Without a doubt, it's a glitch that we would like EA to repair, since it looks like we're playing with Pepsiman! Which is great, but not for everyone.

Electronic Arts has not yet spoken about it but hopefully for the sake of users of Nintendo Switch, the developer to remove as soon as possible a patch that solves this annoying error. Have you also suffered this glitch? 

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FIFA 18 is the Best-Selling Digital Game on PlayStation 4 in September


Sony has unveiled, through an entry in its official blog, the best-selling games on PlayStation Store in the month of September. The list is led by two of the most important releases of the month such as FIFA 18 and Destiny 2, first and second of the list respectively.

As we told you the list is led by FUT 18, the sports simulator of Electronic Arts. And is that as every year the fever that generates the title is huge and it has been two days, since you have to keep in mind that its launch was on September 29, to rise in the first position. In second place is the shooter Bungie Destiny 2, which has also reaped large sales figures. 

Finally the podium completes Star Wars Battlefront, although it must be taken into account that the game this month has been in the offers of the platform for the modest price of 5 euros and with the Season Pass gift. It seems the players have wanted to quench their cravings for Star Wars while waiting for the sequel to the DICE title, Star Wars Battlefront 2, to go on sale on November 17. Also note the good reception that has received the arrival of Final Fantasy IX, placing in the sixth place in the list.

Below we leave the lists in full so that you can see them in detail:

Playstation 4


Destiny 2

Star Wars Battlefront

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Grand Theft Auto V

Final Fantasy IX

EA Sports UFC 2

Rocket League

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

NBA 2K18


Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Battlefield 1


Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Rayman Legends

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Battlefield 4

What do you think of FUT 18? I am s super fun of this game. Next time, let’s share tips of how to build a better ultimate team with cheap FUT 18 Coins.  Stay tuned to get more free FUT 18 Tips. 

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